Products and Services

Considering as products the results of a physical-technical elaboration realized through the use of advanced technologies, RC STAMPI works on the projecting and making of:

Soft mould, needed in the production of lipsticks through automatic systems.
Mould for cosmetics, needed for the production of lipsticks, blushers, etc…all products belonging to the makeup.
Tools for machineries, centring pallets for packaging, customized dosing systems, etc… again belonging to the cosmetic market.
Attrezzature per macchinari, a titolo esemplificativo: pallet per centraggio packaging, sistemi di dosatura personalizzati, ecc… ancora destinati al settore cosmetico.
Mechanical manufacturing: our equipment is suitable for doing also on single partdifferent types of mechanical productions (CNC turning, CNC milling and erosion) on various materials, with high level of precision.


Beyond the products set, RC STAMPI also offers this services:

Mould revision: in details, we do polishing and improvement/finishing, on semifinished products as on finished products.

Parts designing and making: considering the customer’s needs we can offer technical support aimed to the creation of components, mechanical parts and semiautomatic equipment, which can be made only with a job-shop production system due to their unicity.

Delivering/shipment: once that the product is finalised or the production is done, it is possible to take the product at our location (see Where we are), otherwise we will bring it at the place specified by the customer through express courier or by car (respecting what specified on the deal).

Customer’s assistance: our relation with the customer doesn’t end with the delivery of the product; indeed, we want to be sure that our product/service is perfectly consistent with the customer’s needs. For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us